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Product: The totality of goods or services that a company makes available; output Brand: A set of distinctive characteristics that establish a recognizable image or identity of a person or thing. A really good product can still be replicated. A really good brand, however, has the power to distinguish that product from competitors. This is why a product is nothing without the support of a powerful brand. When a brand becomes strong, it conveys emotions that go beyond whatever product you are offering. It creates a lasting impression that customers experience when they see, hear, or think of you. The goal is for that impression to convince them to choose your product over another. It’s crucial to differentiate yourself, especially if you aren’t the first mover in your category. Learn and research your audience and give them a reason to want to be

Businesses have lavished a lot of attention on millennials, but the upcoming generation, generation z, creates a new challenge for marketers. Those born after 1997 have a small attention span, get the majority of their news from social media, and have never known a life without technology. According to Forbes, Gen Z has a purchasing power worth $143 billion.  The oldest ones in this age group are finishing up their education and entering the workforce, suggesting that their purchasing power and impact on business will only grow in the upcoming years. So, it’s important for businesses to give an increasing amount of attention to this generation without alienating your current customer base. The way to cater to this unique group of young people just might require strategies you’ve never had to use before.  Social Responsibility First, let’s take a look at Gen