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2020, what a year! Businesses have been forced to adapt to new realities. Consumers likewise have changed how they shop, socialize, get news and frankly, spend their money.  The pandemic has in many ways just accelerated the timeline of consumer trends already in motion. So even when the effects of the pandemic recede, businesses should continue to adapt and innovate, creating new ideas, concepts, and processes to meet new consumer demands. As always, effective marketing is key to profitability and staying ahead of the competition, so consider these marketing resolutions for your business in 2021.Evaluate PerformanceBefore you can commit to being better in 2021, it’s important to understand your performance in 2020. Whether your marketing content focuses on blogs, social media, podcasts, or anything else, evaluating results and setting new goals based on them should be a top priority. Consider your

Green Bean Casserole - Account ExecutiveEven during the holidays, you go towards the healthier options. You are the only one at the table to not go back for seconds and maybe even skip dessert. Yikes. You also feel obligated to make sure everyone gets along- facilitating the conversation and steering away from the controversial subjects. If you worked in an agency you’d probably be an account executive. You are motivated, organized, and a great listener. When the family asks how work has been you sound really smart and put together when in reality, you’re stressed beyond belief. Mashed Potatoes - CopywriterThe safest side on the table. Potatoes in any form are usually good. If your go to is mashed potatoes then you love the comfort food. You are easy going, and just like potatoes, you get along with anyone. If you

The emergence of COVID-19 has altered the way we all live and work, and that includes the world of digital marketing. While the pandemic’s full impact is still to be determined, its effects on digital marketing has been profound as people increasingly go online to meet their day-to-day needs. From SEO to the way businesses interact with consumers, the script is being rewritten for better and for worse.  Digital Marketing and the Consumer Digital marketing is changing and the effects can be seen in consumer behavior. For lunch or dinner options, instead of searching for restaurants closest to our locations, we are searching for delivery or curbside options. We are more online than ever before. Online appointments are now the norm for many businesses.Online meetings and Zoom calls are on the rise while face-to-face interactions are on the decline due to the

Online behaviors have changed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While some companies that provide "essential goods" may thrive in the midst of the Coronavirus, many others are being  forced to reevaluate their business strategy and budgets.  Doing business in uncertain times can be stressful, but all the work shouldn’t stop simply because demand is low. Here are three types of digital marketing initiatives that you need to keep going, even through a crisis. 1. Social Media The first thing to keep in mind is that “staying home,” means even more people are on their devices, and especially social media. That’s why even though business may be slow, you can’t let your social media presence lag. Your customers still need to see and hear from you. Keep them entertained and informed. They’ll be back after all and they’ll appreciate that you didn’t disappear in

With the growth of sites like Squarespace, Wix and other WYSIWYG builders, the competition for user-friendly interfaces on websites has gotten intense. Wordpress has had the same editor interface for almost 15 years, so after 6 months of testing and community feedback, Gutenberg is finally here. What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg is the latest editor released for Wordpress. It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of a printing press which introduced printing to Europe during the 1400s. (Definitely not to be confused with Steve Guttenberg from movie classics like “Police Academy” or “Three Men and a Baby”!) Past builders required knowledge in HTML or to utilize shortcodes to make your site work correctly. The introduction to this new builder means you now build content with “little blocks”. The goal is to make creatively dynamic and rich content available to users of all

Every year people spend thousands of dollars upgrading our lives. From the cars we drive, to the clothes we wear, to the houses we live in. We want the best, up-to-date styles, and let last year’s fads slip into sweet nostalgia. One thing that we often overlook, however, is popular trends in everyday marketing design.   At one point in the history of the world, Comic Sans made its debut as a popular, informal document/childrens materials font. Thankfully, the world one day decided that it was time to put it on a shelf and leave the style in a box labeled “not for reuse.” That’s exactly what needs to happen with some trends that still make their way into popular culture and common designs.   To help sort it all out, here are 5 design trends that we don’t feel make the cut for

Your Business Website Needs Captivating Blogs! Here’s why. A weblog, or blog for short, is an online informative journal that displays information chronologically, from newest to oldest, and is a platform where a single writer or group share their views on various subjects. If utilized for the purpose of content marketing, blogging is a necessary part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and a powerful lead generating method. To achieve the best results for your business, pair your strong blog content with strategic search engine optimization. Here’s how your business can benefit from a well-developed blog. Drive Traffic to Your Site. A blog is used to provide clever and useful ideas when a client is looking for information online. If the blog peeks the client’s interest, traffic on your site goes up and so does the time the user spends reading it. That blog

Maintaining a Google My Business account is a vital component for local search engine ranking. In 2014, Google rolled out their update, Pigeon, which gave local businesses an advantage over national businesses when it came to local search. Now in 2018, we are receiving a new range of updates and features to further help an organization receive leads, traffic and brand awareness. Below is a list of just a few major updates and how they may impact your Local Business listings. Local Map Pack Update The Local Map Pack Update has drastically changed how users interact with the local search results page (SERP). The new update focuses on hyperlocal marketing and allowing their mobile experience /voice-activated services to integrate with SERPs. Google My Business is where Google Maps and local searches pull most of the data for your business, which typically includes

Did you know that it takes 50 milliseconds for your brain to visually process the images it receives from your eyes? After the processing is done the first thing the human mind does is make conceptually driven perceptions that scientists and psychologists agree are correct more times than not. This means that, in a matter of seconds, humans intellectually analyze who, what, and why we are looking at something before that subject even has a chance to react. When managing your brand you have to keep in mind that everything that we put out into the world has the possibility to earn millions of judgements, conclusions, and decisions.   Managing Your Brand [two_third padding="0 5% 0 0"] Curating your image is one of the most important things you can do to maintain consistent branded content. It is an art form that takes time, reflection and

You might assume that online engagement and business is down due to the summer months and you may be right. More people are on vacation and your clients are more casual about giving your company some business. Unfortunately, business doesn’t take a day off and effective marketing throughout the summer months is a must.  That’s where we come in! It is our job as an advertising firm to provide clients with a marketing strategy that is sure to help them achieve goals and boost business.  Summer is a great time to brainstorm and create new and innovative marketing strategies because there could be less competition strategizing for summer, allowing you to stand out and above the rest. Here are some summer marketing ideas and tips that work! Write Blogs: If your website doesn’t include blogs yet, you should start including them now.