Winning Hearts & Spirits of Spanish-Speaking Communities

Another Hispanic Heritage month has ended, but, whatever the time of year, companies should always strive to reach and engage with Spanish-speaking communities, by leveraging media partners to powerfully deliver their message.

¡Hola, Amigos!

Are you engaging effectively with Spanish-speaking communities across the country? In Latin America? You should be! US Hispanics’ buying power has reached $1.3 trillion. From a business standpoint, I’ve learned speaking another person’s native language helps WIN TRUST.

 So, how can you connect with this valuable audience? Simple. By speaking their preferred language. 

The Facebook IQ study conducted by the Latinum Network reveals that Latino customers who primarily speak Spanish in their home want native Spanish messages that reflect their culture, and they want them delivered by native Spanish speakers.

Reach Latinos through the media channels they rely on most

While Latinos, especially the younger generations, increasingly use social media, most Hispanic households still rely primarily on traditional media such as television and radio for information and entertainment. Spanish-language media and local channels are popular news sources among Hispanics, that’s why at Public Alliance, we love to leverage our bilingual skills for our clients to reach a broad, vibrant Hispanic audience.

The bottom line, a well-communicated message on a Spanish-language media outlet makes your communications campaign for your start up, non-profit or government agency far more attractive and desirable to the wider public. This is especially true if your organization is dealing with a fast-moving issue or crisis.

Public Alliance’s Alex Trevino presents commentary in Spanish on Texas political news 

Spanish-language outreach is critical for the South Texas market

58% of San Antonio residents speak only English, while 42% speak other languages. Spanish is spoken by 38% of the population. If you want to EXPAND your audience, bringing in a Spanish-speaking spokesman will allow you to communicate with many more people. Also, if you are starting up your own business, reaching and engaging the Spanish-speaking community can greatly expand your horizons.

Don’t forget that the audience for Spanish language media is in the millions. Press releases are a great way to reach any audience and test the waters — if you do them the right way. 

If you are interested in reaching Hispanic families, we can walk you through the process. Public Alliance, can strengthen your company or organization’s communications capacity so you can better engage with the Hispanic community. We’ll help you overcome communication barriers and facilitate positive engagement and collaboration.

When it comes to the getting your organization in front of the media, we can also make sure you put your best foot forward by providing you and your team with professional media training, including how to give effective media interviews, and we’ll help position you and your organization as thought leaders in your field. As a former news reporter, myself, I highly recommend media training to any leaders and experts in your organization, to ensure that when the time comes, and especially in times of crisis, they have the confidence to speak with authority and get your message across effectively.

Alex Trevino is a Public Affairs Specialist at Public Alliance and is a former award-winning television news anchor and reporter and spokesman for Texas Governor Greg Abbott. You can reach Alex at

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