What Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business?

Social media platforms are a great tool for building and sharing your brand. So, you’ll want to take advantage of multiple platforms without spreading yourself too thin. You’ll need a strategy to help you pick the platforms that are going to be most beneficial to your business. To do this you’ll need to figure out which platforms are going to give you the most exposure to your targeted audience and help you achieve your marketing goals. Here are the key factors of each platform that you need to know.


Instagram can be a great tool for you if your goal is brand building. If your message is best shown, then Instagram is your platform. By creating engaging photos and short videos, you can reach a large audience to build a massive following. The top industries on Instagram are beauty, fitness, food, and travel. If you fit into one of these categories, then you’ll definitely want to be on Instagram.


With over two billion active users, Facebook has the highest number of active users and is great if your goals include event promotion, website traffic, or engagement. The top industries on Facebook are small businesses, non-profits, e-commerce, and real estate. Facebook gives you the ability to start groups and even has its own marketplace which can help you engage with your audience and generate sales.


LinkedIn is known for being the social media platform for professionals. It’s a great networking platform where business-to-business content thrives. If your goals include event promotion, hiring, networking, or website traffic, then you’ll want to be on LinkedIn. The top industries on LinkedIn are business to business, IT services, education, high-end brands, and recruitment.


Twitter is the best platform if you plan on posting frequently. The good news is that you can easily connect with your audience by posting short messages. The bad news is that you’ll have to take the time to post frequently. Short text posts like quotes, will beat out videos and photos on Twitter. If your goals are to increase engagement and website traffic, then Twitter will help you get there. While every major brand in the country is on Twitter, the top-performing industries are music & entertainment, news & media outlets, and non-profits.

Choosing which platforms to use for your business is not complicated at all if you keep these key factors in mind. Define your marketing goals and you should be able to identify which one suits your needs. Next, consider the type of content you want to post, and you’ll have narrowed it down to the most beneficial platforms for your business. Finally, like everything else in your business, if you want to see positive results, you’ll need to devote time and resources to it. If you have questions about the best way to get the most out of your organization’s social media program, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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