The ABCs of Graphic Design in 2019

I am a graphic design student at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX and the newest intern at Public Alliance. I have noticed several trends within the design community that have erupted in 2019 from logo work to typography choices, illustration styles, and so much more creating a revived movement in this era of design. Here we can see some examples of the trend.


Recently graphic designers have taken a liking to the complex lines-work and symmetrical style from the twenties. Art Deco was first introduced after World War I and continued for almost a half-century. The very glamorous and overly embellishing style has found its way to today’s designs and seeing this trend blow up especially in logos is great way to pay homage to the past yet look to the future.


It’s not just Instagram models getting attention for being “thicc” but typography too. Everyone is showing more of their quirky, cute, smart, and bursting personalities on social media and that is being translated into design, specifically in typography. This year, we have been given the pleasure to see very curvaceous serifs, and to many designers it’s very refreshing not to see a clean and sleek san-serif to solve a design.


Today’s custom illustrations have been very light and delicate. After years of heavy and thick lines, we are given elegant illustrations that are influenced by nature and its organic elements that calls the innocent child inside us. We can see these beautiful illustrations more and more especially on packaging designs that are being transferred on textured paper, sometimes even with foil and embossing.

I can’t wait to see what the design trends of 2020. What’s amazing about the design community is that no trends really die. It just takes a backseat while something else has a chance to shine. 

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