Fall 2019 Advertising Agency Horoscope

After-hours calls from clients, several new accounts added to your plate, and dealing with surly creatives will bum you out this fall, but don’t worry, if you get tired of it all there are a million other jobs you can do with your advertising degree.
You’ll continue to have too many meetings and too little time, but have no fear, once you’re finally ready to dig in to work, your computer will crash providing some much-needed “you time.”
Although you’ll finally be included in some client meetings this fall, when you show your designs they’ll all still say, “I could have done that.”
No one knows exactly what you do or how you do it, but that’s ok because this fall you’ll be very busy with several new clients who, by the way, all want to be #1 on Google by the end of the week.
Good news: lots of new and interesting work coming your way this fall. Bad news: the design and content you requested for the sites you’re already working on still aren’t ready.
The fall sees you in more two-hour meetings thinking up hashtags absolutely no one on Earth will ever use.
This fall, client diversification will still be a challenge, so you better get started on those 3 blogs on “The Effects of Halloween Candy on your Teeth” and make sure they’re all very different.
Sorry, this fall, the team will continue to think your job duties consist solely of turning the modem off and on when the Internet goes out.
Though you’ll be getting a lot of cool, sophisticated new equipment to use in your shoots this fall, after you take the perfect shot, clients will still ask you to take one using their iPhone.

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