Agencies & Thanksgiving: What your favorite dish says about you!

Green Bean Casserole – Account Executive
Even during the holidays, you go towards the healthier options. You are the only one at the table to not go back for seconds and maybe even skip dessert. Yikes. You also feel obligated to make sure everyone gets along- facilitating the conversation and steering away from the controversial subjects. If you worked in an agency you’d probably be an account executive. You are motivated, organized, and a great listener. When the family asks how work has been you sound really smart and put together when in reality, you’re stressed beyond belief.

Stuffing – Graphic Designer
Just like stuffing, you’re a combination of a bunch of random things tossed together but that’s what makes you so fun. Your mind is usually all over the place trying to please everyone at once. If you worked in an agency you’d probably be a graphic designer. Even on Thanksgiving your coworkers are demanding last minute favors and edits from you. Regardless, you remain calm because you are creative and always get it done. It takes an imaginative mind to mix random ingredients into a side dish but just like you, it always works out.

Pumpkin Pie – Social Media Team
You are classic and thanksgiving would not be the same without you. Everyone loves you even if you’re not their favorite. Pumpkin pie is definitely the most instagramable food on the table and you do not forget it. If you worked at an agency you’d be on the social media team. You are bold, trendy, and love to make memories. You probably even brought the pie and posted a video of you making it. Definitely a showstopper.

Buttery Rolls or Biscuits – Web Developer
Just like bread, you can solve any problem. You are patient, well rounded, and a jack of all trades. If you worked in an agency, you’d probably be a web developer. You seem independent in everything you do and although you may not appear as the star of the show it takes a lot to perfect a buttery biscuit. You are a “pallet cleanser” and nobody else could do the job that you do.

Turkey – Public Relations Specialist
You just love to be the center of attention. You are business minded and fierce. Everyone else can make little mistakes but you can’t. You also have to fix theirs. If the turkey is bad, you might as well cancel thanksgiving. If you worked at an agency, you’d probably be a public relations specialist.

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