3 Tips for Writing Your Instagram Copy

Instagram is slowly becoming the next Facebook in terms of popularity. It is the second most used social media platform and approximately 32 percent of internet users in the U.S., including social media marketers and influencers are utilizing Instagram, but are they utilizing it to their advantage? Instagram is a visual platform based on a mixture of photos and videos. As the visual captures the audience’s attention, it’s the caption that can drive a conversation and make a significant impact on your insights.

A witty and well-crafted caption allows you to take your visual further, increasing your likes and comments and driving consumers to your brand. Here are three tips for writing captivating captions that will help engage Instagram audiences with your content.

  1. Explain What Your Photo Does Not Convey
    Your caption should fill in the details not expressed in the photo. It is the story or message behind the visual, so fill out the details in the caption by explaining what you’re sharing. Relate to your followers as much as possible. If you have a lengthy caption, make sure you have a powerful first sentence that will capture the reader’s attention.
  2. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)
    Instagram currently only has one spot to access a clickable link and that’s in your bio. If that’s where you want people to go, you need to send them there and a great CTA will do just that. Most people just say “Click on the link in the bio” and there’s nothing wrong with that. Other ways to get your brand out there is to have your audience share your post on their Instagram stories and having them tag their friends in the comments (“If you know someone who can benefit from this post, tag them in the comments”).
  3. Keep it Short
    Instagram is a visual platform so a short paragraph or a single, witty sentence should capture your audience’s attention. However, the length of your caption depends on what you have to say. Captions should be kept short and to the point because images with lots of text in the caption normally don’t perform well. If you’re utilizing the platform as a mini-blog and your copy must be long, divide the text into smaller paragraphs.

There is no rule on the right way to format your Instagram copy but there are many wrong ways. The use of bullet points, paragraphs, and other methods has no effect on your post’s performance so once you know your brand’s aesthetic, you can do as you please with your posts.

Instagram is a great way to get your brand noticed. Execute your marketing campaigns with sponsored posts, contests, and working with other influencers. Make sure to track the progress of your posts and make changes and improvements as needed. If your brand is in need of professional marketing and strategizing, give us a call today.

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