2021 Marketing Resolutions

2020, what a year! Businesses have been forced to adapt to new realities. Consumers likewise have changed how they shop, socialize, get news and frankly, spend their money.  The pandemic has in many ways just accelerated the timeline of consumer trends already in motion. So even when the effects of the pandemic recede, businesses should continue to adapt and innovate, creating new ideas, concepts, and processes to meet new consumer demands.

As always, effective marketing is key to profitability and staying ahead of the competition, so consider these marketing resolutions for your business in 2021.

Evaluate Performance
Before you can commit to being better in 2021, it’s important to understand your performance in 2020. Whether your marketing content focuses on blogs, social media, podcasts, or anything else, evaluating results and setting new goals based on them should be a top priority. Consider your current strategy, and maybe choose some new metrics to focus on. For example, maybe your goals in 2021 involve capturing more leads, more website visits, or more Instagram followers. Growth should be present month to month, so if you see that it’s not, it could be time to switch up your strategy.

Embrace Change
After a year of change, it’s time to fully embrace digital tools. Companies and customers have learned that they can do business from anywhere. Strive to be adaptable and appealing to those who both want to buy exclusively online and those who want to touch and feel before they buy. As you redefine your objectives, anticipate the way that your specific market will react post-pandemic. Most likely, consumers will continue to rely more and more on technology. Try to incorporate initiatives into your “company experience” like virtual events, livestreams, virtual or augmented reality, all leading to an integrated customer experience. Doing things like this won’t discourage doing physical business, but when used in conjunction with prior practices, they exceed customers’ expectations.

Have a Conscience
Ethical companies will outperform those who are seen as not. Now, with more socially-conscious consumers than ever, brands are pressured to respond to a social issue when it captures the public’s attention. Research proves that younger and as well as more informed (higher income) consumers will now pay more for a product if they trust the brand and know it is ethical. Therefore, your company needs a conscience. Be selective, but when you take a stand, be authentic and transparent. If you’re wary of dipping into a social issue, an alternative way to display authenticity could just be to emphasize your company values. Creative advertisements are good, but showing how your company contributes to the world means much more.

Accept Help
If your business goals revolve around something new this year and you don’t have the existing marketing resources or marketing knowledge to achieve them then reach out to those who do. A new year means expanding on what you do best and forging new paths to ensure that your company continues to grow. You know what you do best and what you don’t. Let us help, we can help you start the year off right.

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