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The Key To Managing Branding

The Key to Managing Branding

Did you know that it takes 50 milliseconds for your brain to visually process the images it receives from your eyes? After the processing is done the first thing the human mind does is make conceptually driven perceptions that scientists and psychologists agree are correct more times than not. This means that, in a matter of seconds, humans intellectually analyze who, what, and why we are looking at something before that subject even has a chance to react. When managing your brand you have to keep in mind that everything that we put out into the world has the possibility to earn millions of judgements, conclusions, and decisions.


Managing Your Brand

Curating your image is one of the most important things you can do to maintain consistent branded content. It is an art form that takes time, reflection and true inspiration. It’s something I spent my college career focused on, and something I consider myself very well-versed in. Just like you would trust a nurse to know how to put in an IV, trusting your graphic designer to effectively and aesthetically manage your branding and visuals can really allow things to flourish. I’m not saying to simply hand off your passwords and let them have at it. You have to know and pick the right person for the job. I always tell our clients, “You should pick your graphic designer like you pick your hair stylist.” A huge part of the process of creating a brand or managing your branding is making sure your branded content is consistent. Every company, person, or even hairstylist, has their own unique way of going about this, and in the big scheme of things, it will make all the difference in the world.

You should pick your graphic designer like you would pick your hair stylist.

Branded Content

One of my most admired artist, Donald Judd, is known for the famous quote “After all, the work isn’t the point; the piece is.” What he means is that in fine art, the end result of a piece is what people come into contact with. When it comes to managing your brand and brand building, branded content is measured more by the destination and not so much of the journey. I see this every day in today’s society, and I’m sure you do too. Think of it this way, your personal brand is what people see of you on your social media accounts. In many cases, scrolling through a feed on any given platform may be the one and only way and/or you will make an impression on a particular person. Let’s take that a step further and think in terms of managing your brand, i.e. managing the impression that you are making on others. This could be the difference in follower or influential growth. It’s the same for your business! Many companies out in the world think that just because they have social media that they are good to go. But what’s truly important is making sure your branded content is cohesive across all your accounts in order to accurately reflect your business and brand. Remember, this could be the first and only impression you make on a potential lead, so you must make sure your first impression is a lasting impression no matter if it’s seen on Instagram, Facebook, or any other other platform.

“After all the work isn’t the point; the piece is.” —Donald Judd

At Public Alliance, we pride ourselves on our ability to make sure that whatever we create for you to put out into the world is exactly what you want as a reflection of your brand. We want you to make many great lasting impressions!

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MJ Dinino, Jr. Graphic Designer