Public Alliance is well known for creativity and quality of work, but what sets us apart is the level of personal attention and responsiveness we provide our clients and our commitment to a business culture of integrity and transparency, which includes providing true accountability measures, ensuring clients can effectively evaluate ROI.


Our recent billboard campaign for the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County garnered a lot of attention, from the public, the media, and even the Texas Governor! These eye-catching boards were part of our client’s effort to bring awareness to the community about public safety issues caused by staffing shortages at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Were they scary? Yes—but residents, the media and public stakeholders got the point. Hundreds of Bexar County residents commented on social media about the boards, and the campaign was covered extensively by local media, so much so that it caught the attention of Governor Greg Abbott who came to San Antonio to hear ideas on how to better address law enforcement staffing shortages in large counties.

My role has changed over the years as I have transitioned from a broadcast journalist to a public affairs consultant at a top public relations company. But one thing has always remained the same - the power of the media! It’s not just about building a brand; it’s about creating awareness of your organization to positively impact peoples’ lives. Too many entrepreneurs spend most of their time looking for a magic bullet to bring in leads, buying more online courses, and praying things will turn around before the monthly bills roll in. Meanwhile, they neglect the prospect of earned media as a tool to reach consumers or to build awareness for their brand. One appearance on TV leveraged the right way can bring in more leads than companies can handle. A single appearance on a morning show can bring in an entire

“A trio good enough to collect and cherish," we designed three collectible bobble-head boxes for each of our three honorees. Over the past two years, employees have begun asserting their personal identities at work more than ever as the workplace itself has gone virtual. When our longtime client, Alamo Community Group (ACG), one of Texas’s leading and most innovative affordable housing developers, decided to hold a celebratory dinner to honor the tenure of three of its longest-serving executives, we seized the opportunity create branding that highlighted their individual personalities and interests. After some research and brainstorming, our team presented the client with three unique concepts. Although ACG liked them all, they ultimately selected our pop art interpretation, which brought out the playfulness and the quirky nature that had stood out to us in ACG's workplace.